Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News from Avada

Greetings from Ravenclaw Tower!!! Yes, I know that this is my sister Andi's blog but she has allowed me a chance to pop in from time to time. She may be in Slytherin but she really is a sweet girl despite all the snarkyness. Anyway, we did have a great summer holiday. Her little boyfriend visited quite often. All he had to do was bring cheesecake and she was putty in his hands. He even bought her a brand new green headband to match the colors in her school uniform. So she has agreed to wear her hair down this term just for him. Awwww.....he is soooo sweet to her. Maybe she might mellow out this term. Well, I am off to the library. I have quite a bit of research to do before school starts again.

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